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Are you hesitant of speaking in English?

Don’t worry! We are here to support you.


Seek Academy’s Communication Skills Programme offers classes for those who wish to improve their English communication skills or enhance their command of English for professional purposes.


Written English is as important as Spoken English

In today’s context there is much demand in spoken English be it for studies, job prospect and for the advancement of one’s communication with the outside world, be it business, professional or entertainment or communication 

Having a rapid course of a speech or being  able to acquire it  through various sources  is alone not  enough The Seek Academy feels importance in the written skill is equally important to the learner.


The reason so writing is a process and not a product. The quality of one's writing will reflect one's thoughts ideas, anticipations, and goals. It will be written down, involving one to think, focus and use his common sense helping one to develop the learning of a language. It helps to reinforce grammatical structures, vocabulary development and idioms learned.


Writing is planned, it has to be stranded in terms of grammar, syntax and vocabulary development. and takes much time exercising our thoughts into the paper the way we  wish to express with the correct usage of grammar and methodology and the process of writing  helps in critical thinking, the intellect being judged and it also helps for  us to understand a complex position to be it to the reader or to our selves.


It helps us to develop our personality, and as it is portable and permanent it makes us think visibly .be less confused so thus able to read something understandable. It gives refined to oneself by learning through the feedback of others thus demonstrating  ones intellectual flexibility  and maturity in expressing oneself.


I feel it is one of the most important forms of communication  and of course  initially, one  of the hardest to master if one is attempting in a late stage as a new language Written words need thoughts and organization, where the mastery of grammar goes a long way.

Though It may seem hard  people  do write  well, they do lot  research  through reading  speaking  and exercising  their thoughts onto paper ..Communication  has molded our society and geared  towards  a new  era of computer-mediated communication where we share our thoughts  through blogs and express ourselves through this media  through  writing  once  started  in primitive   art  form, thus developing  mans advancement of intelligence of what we have  achieved now . 



The instructors are highly qualified and experienced who use the advanced teaching methodologies.


We help you to speak English fluently without any grammatical errors which will also enhance your confidence.


  • You get individual attention at every level to improve your fluency.
  • Activity-based training sessions will help you to master the language.
  • Lots of practice worksheets and classroom discussions
  • Feedback sessions
  • Flexible timings
  • Personalized training by expert trainers

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