Voice and Accent


Voice and accent training eliminates the barriers caused by regional accents, poor diction and voice quality. It improves the clarity on telephone and face to face interactions. It helps in achieving effective presentations. It increases efficiency and productivity as there is less time wasted in repeating and explaining. It also increases the self confidence in all communication situations.


Program outline:  Pre- assessments, voice modulation, intonation, pauses, word stress, vowel and consonant sounds, final assessments and elimination of mother tongue influence.


Effective Communication


Effective communication is when you talk in simple and clear terms. This course will help you to master the human relation skills demanded in today’s challenging environment. You will learn to improve human relation skills, increase communication effectiveness, strengthen  interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast changing conditions. You will also feel confident and enthusiastic after the completion of this course.


Program outline: Pre assessment, Overview on communication, importance of communication, understanding the need of effective communication, barriers of communication, understating interpersonal communication, role plays, audio-visual training, practice sessions and final assessments

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