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What are Common English Phrases?

Common English phrases. Have you ever heard of it?

Oh! Yes, I have heard that. But, I do not know what actually they are and how to use them?

In my day to day life, I meet a lot of new people. I often get confused how to start a conversation?

Walla!!! I have a solution to this.

Yes, you read it right. Here come the common English phrases to your rescue.

Common English phrases? What are they?

Common English phrases are the simple sentences that one can use in his/her day to day life in order to initiate conversations or improve fluency in English. Here in this article, you will find a list of common English phrases or simple sentence that comes handy while talking. So, let’s start with the USP of the article:

Today, I am running late to work…Let me quickly pack my bag and rush to the work. Oh! This is one of my colleagues in the car, I can ask for a lift:

Me: Hi, How are you today?

Person A: I am good. How about you?

Me: I am doing great but, running late to work.

Person A: Oh! Do not worry.Let me help you.

Come let’s carpool.

Me: Sure, that would be great.

You are wearing a nice shirt.Do you mind sharing where you got it from?

Person A:Thank you! By the way, I bought it from XYZ outlet. That is my favorite brand.

Me:Well, to be honest with you, that’s my favorite brand too.

Is everything OK? You seem to be a bit tired.

Person A: Frankly speaking, …Last week was quite hectic. I am drained.

Me: Why don’t you go for the spa this weekend?

(Both of us laughed)

Me: That's so true.

Let’s park the car, we have reached the destination.

So, in the above conversation, you see how easy it can be to talk with the help of some learned English phrases. Learning the common English phrases is very important for an English learner. Seek Academy being the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi helps you to learn such easy tips and tricks in order to make learning English an interesting task for you.

Phrases add tang to the conversation. Your school books can teach you the vocabulary to some extent but those books cannot teach you how to use that vocabulary treasure in daily conversation. But with the help of these phrases, you can improve the way you talk.

But, remember by learning these phrases, I am not asking my lovely readers to cram things. I would rather advise my readers to grasp these short sentences in order to avoid using fillers while talking and speak English fluently.

Now, what are you waiting for? Quickly grab the list and start learning.

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