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Do’s and don’ts of IELTS essays

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There are certain principles which ought to be followed to score high bands in IELTS writing.

To speak the language fluently it is very important to follow the various steps:

1. Conciseness (8-15 words each sentence)

2. Cohesion (link the ideas well and the sentences and the paragraph)

3. Coherence (the ideas should be clearly understood by the reader.)

Task response should be appropriately given:

• Band 7+ essay needs a complex sentence structure.

• More complex vocabulary

• More variation in the grammatical structure.

• Always use the test practice sheet while practicing the essay so that you could have this firm idea that up to what length you are supposed to write.

• Read many sample essays.

• Know when to give your opinion.

• Add examples if you are asked to mention from your own experience. Use good vocabulary.

• Use appropriate punctuation.

• Separate each body paragraphs to write different ideas.

• Write legible

• Write mature ideas to reflect the mature way of thinking.

• Make a draft before you start your writing practice to represent your ideas.

• Make your opinion very firm and clearly represent the ideas in the passage.

The don’ts of the essay:

Write at least 280 words to mention your ideas about the topic .If you have good ideas to represent then mention these ideas to in an organized manner.

• Don’t jump from one idea to the other without using linking words.

• Don’t mix up the arguments of ‘for’ and ‘against ‘in one passage.

• Don’t repeat the words try to use synonyms to reflect your vocabulary.

• Don’t use abbreviations.

• Don’t cross many things .keep it neat and clean.

• Don’t use idioms too frequently and inappropriately.

• Don’t write in a poor manner using inappropriate ideas and immature thoughts.

• Don’t constantly look at the clock and panic.

• Don’t forget to leave a blank between two paragraphs.

• Don’t copy the language of the question.

• Don’t agree with both sides. Choose one and make your opinion clear.

• Don’t go off the topic.

These tips would definitely help the candidates to score 7+bands. We will share more relevant topics with you. We are the Best IELTS coaching center in Delhi. You came to our academy and found information related to IELTS.

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