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How to improve speaking in French

French is the second most widely learned language around the world. Learning different languages is always fun and it is also a feather on your cap.Seek Academy located in West Delhi has rich experience and trained staff from Alliance Françoise.

To speak the language fluently it is very important to follow the various steps:

1. To speak French fluently we should, first of all start, our habit to read French newspapers. Reading French news will improve our language of French. We can start this by reading short articles rather than long one.

2. Start working on your pronunciation can also improve your French language. Start with listening small sentences in French which are easily available on the internet sites. You can also start listening small dialogues or articles with easy vocabulary like- your daily routine, whether u like watching movies, about life, favorite cities

3. Revise your grammar constantly like verbs, articles, pronouns, gender formation, singular, and plural all basic grammar should be on your tips. Do a search of “French grammar games”. Go through grammar thoroughly; listen to grammar drills in various internet sites or iPod.

4. Listen to news regularly on various internet sites like RFI, TV5 and try to listen to their programs in Français facile. Listen to the speakers of French natives and try to improve your vocabulary by understanding the vocabulary words.

5. By talking to yourself you can also improve your speaking talk to yourself in French while preparing dinner. Describe what you are making and discuss to yourself that what ingredients you are putting in a dish. At home try to talk to yourself in French. This will automatically enhance your ideas in the French language.

6. Try to learn 5 words of French daily that amounts to 35 new words a week. Buy a visual dictionary in French it does not need to have any English words in it. This is an inspiring way to learn wide range of French vocabulary words in the French language.

7. If you like music you can listen and watch French songs on YouTube. While listening to the songs start singing and repeating the words of a song yourself which will automatically increase your vocabulary.

8. Watch French movies or serials if you want to improve your speaking. This is the best method as you don’t feel bored and you achieve fluency too.

9. Whether it is radio, television, computers, internet and all form of multimedia try to surround yourself with the language.

10. Many DVD’s come with an option of French .Switch to French subtitles while watching the video.

Try to talk with French people on the internet or at any tourist place. It is a great practice as French people can easily set you straight on the details of their country that u can never get in textbooks. You can use various social networking sites like Facebook, twitter to communicate with French people. You can use Skype or Google talk to talk to various French people who will automatically increase your vocabulary as well as pronunciation in French.

We at Seek Academy believe in delivering good results. Our French Faculty focuses on all modules (Listening, Reading, writing and speaking) and we provide customize French classes in Delhi , based on the requirement of the candidate.

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