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PTE Four Modules

The four modules of PTE Academic are quite important to cover but the reading skill is an extremely important task which assesses your skills. Seek Academy provides the PTE coaching in Delhi and ensures that the students get the desired results in 1st attempt. We are going to discuss the reading module further a bit in depth. Mostly the students are quite lazy to read and that is the reason they miss the reading part as it is assumed that reading is the easiest module students don’t take it seriously. Reading habit can be developed and certainly be improved by regular training sessions.

If you are not thoroughly aware but you should still know that PTE reading have 5 types of tasks out of which 4 types have negative marking. The total time allotted for the reading task is around 32-41 minutes. One must try to understand the concept of skimming and scanning so that you can learn to speed up reading task and follow the instructions carefully. These two techniques can help you to read quickly and in an effective manner. You must have heard of these techniques but make sure to practice it while practicing and attempting your test.



Talking about the PTE test the reading task is time-bound overall .a test taker has to practice to utilize the given time in an effective manner to score the maximum output in the result. There are two methods skimming and scanning.


When the test taker doesn’t have enough time then skimming comes to their resort .you have to look out for the main ideas in the different paragraphs of the passage. You must not read the entire text fast. Instead you can read the main ideas first and the last sentence of the paragraph to get the understanding that what the paragraph is telling us. So skimming is called a technique to go through the passage quickly and understand the main theme of the passage by reading the important sentences or words and finding out the relevant information given.

As it is quite evident that the first sentence introduces the topic first and generally conclusion gives the summary of the idea of the topic. Make sure to read the first and the last paragraph quickly to and simultaneously take the notes for headings, subheadings, dates and phrases. Especially for the multiple choice question you could be at times asked the summary of the article and you are bound to follow the instructions and the time limit you are assigned to do a particular skill based question. Here please make sure that you read the first question and then the passage to have the gist and figure out the correct answer instantly. This method would definitely help you to get the central idea of the paragraph and you could get the answer appropriately.


Scanning differs as it helps us to figure out the precise information which is already given in the passage and not read it entirely. Sometimes in the PTE test, you might come across a passage where you can probably understand that how the essay is structured. Probably because the passage talks about the familiar topic.

It has become simpler at times when the topic is given is of your interest. Mostly the PTE passages are related to science, history or the current affairs. You tend to be quick n scanning and also skimming it. However, the text could be somewhat different so be aware of any preconceived ideas and follow the practical tips you have been following for a long. In PTE you are suggested to read the question first and then go to the passage. Scanning works wonderfully well when you are looking for a specific noun in the passage. Also the word in the question might contain a synonym mentioned or there might be a certain phrase used for the same sentence. You must know that the answers are not necessary located in the order. The order could be changed too.

Skimming and scanning go hand in hand and while you are trying to excel in the PTE exam especially reading test then make sure to follow it and do remember the negative marking. We will keep you posted with the similar type of the blog providing you with the ample of the tricks and tips in the blog section.

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