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Time Management in IELTS

Let’s look at the length of the IELTS test which one has to appear for. At least this will diminish your anxiety and help you to appear for the test with confidence.

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IELTS Exam duration by section

There is a particular time limit to write the particular exam. It’s always a good idea to practice the exam within the time limit to have an experience of the time.


The IELTS listening test is about 30 minutes long in both the modules IELTS academic and general training. You listen to a track and follow the questions given. One must get well accustomed with the exam pattern and the types of questions generally asked and to be followed.


IELTS Reading test is for 60 minutes whether it is general training module or Academic training module.IELTS Academic contains four longer passages as compared to the general training module. General training in contrast has more training nodules and one must observe the time while practicing the reading module.

IELTS writing test

The length of the test is one hour that is 60 minutes but in both the modules the time is divided in two tasks. Task 1 Academic is for 20 minutes and the questions are based on Bar Graph, Pie chart,Table,Diagram.This has to be written in 20 minutes ,whereas in general Training the task 1 is a letter which must be written in 20 minutes .That letter can be Formal, semi formal or informal. The writing task 2 is the essay and the candidates are given 40 minutes for that .The topic of general writing essay is easier as compared to the Academic essay.

The time management in the writing task depends on the candidate only and you can write whatever task you are looking for.Appearing for the IELTS test then manage and plan your tasks accordingly .The time management matters a lot and gives you the best results .The bifurcation of the time depends on the candidate only and this must be done judiciously to score good bands .The pace to write both the tasks must be practiced and evaluated by the expert trainer.

The last part is IELTS speaking:

IELTS Speaking interview will last for 11-14 minutes and the interviewer who is conducting your interview will manage the pace.

So how long is the IELTS Test in total?

The IELTS test is for 2 hrs 40 minutes which is for listening reading and writing and speaking test is conducted some other day and it is for 11 to 14 minutes length.

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