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Basic Course - Best IELTS Institute in Delhi

Basic Course

Our Basic Spoken English Course

Elementary Course
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Be Words.

Introduction to Tenses

• Present Tense (Indefinite, Continuous)
• Past Tense (Indefinite, Continuous)
• Future Tense(Indefinite, Continuous)


• Use of Can, May, Must, Might, Should.
• Basic Usage with Some practice Modular

Day 1: 

Orientation session with briefing of grammar. Topics to be covered with detailed explanation of importance of each topic in speaking.

Day 2

Parts of speech: Explained by trainers in details like, Articles, Modals, Adjective, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunction, Noun, Pronoun, Interjection with Explanation of its significance in Language and Sentence structure.

 Day 3

Introduction of tenses: Present Indefinite, past indefinite, Future Indefinite.

 Practice exercisesHome Task

Day 4

Speaking Session to practice Tenses already covered

 Day 5

Speaking and Vocabulary Session to boost confidence in written and verbal communication to practice grammar and vocabulary already taught.

 Day 6

Tenses ContinuousPresent, Past, Future.

Day 7:

Vocabulary : Topic appropriate words. 

Day 8:

Vocabulary .  Adjectives and adverbs list and topic appropriate placement. Activity based on this vocabulary.

 Day 9: 

Modals Can, could, would, should, must, may, might, used to, ought to, need,

Practice exercise – Home Task.

 Day 10

Speaking session and vocabulary practice (Extempore).

 Day 11`: 

Speaking – Making advertisements (group Activity).

 Day 12: 

Speaking and vocabulary guidance.

 Day 13: 

Public speaking sessions / speaking activity – (Frequency surveys)

 Day 14: 

Role Play (Speaking Session). Vocabulary and Speaking – things we read.

Day 15: 

Speaking: Free Speech session.