PTE Courses


(Pearson Test of English)

PTE is the abbreviation for the Person Test of English, which is conducted and scheduled online on the computer to assess and evaluate the skills and competencies of the candidates in the English language. Those aspirants who wish to study abroad or immigrate to overseas have to appear for the PTE exam, which is categorized under two tests i.e. PTE Academic and PTE General.

Those who aspire to study abroad specifically, UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada to prove your English language efficiency through different sub-tests. Basically, it’s a 3-hour long exam in which aspirant’s understanding, skills and proficiency is analysed through Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. As it’s a multi-level exam, thus it requires proper PTE Coaching and exam preparation to bag the higher score!


The PTE Academic exam is conducted by the council authorities for those candidates who are willing to enrolled in an overseas university or an institution. The examination is held to assess the skills and proficiency of the aspirant in reading, writing, speaking and listening in the English language. Furthermore, the grace score of the PTE academic exam is valid only for two years from the date of result declaration.


The PTE general exam is conducted thrice in a year, specifically in the month of May, June and December. In the PTE general test, the exam is sub-divided into two categories, which consists of a written and spoken test paper. Basically, PTE general exam is undertaken to assess the English-speaking communication skills of the candidate. In addition, the highlighting part is that the grace score of PTE general is valid for lifetime.

Now, let’s catch a glimpse of the detailed Academic test format for the PTE exam preparation.


Speaking and Writing is part 1 of the PTE test in which the candidate’s ability to write and speak the English language is assessed. Primarily, there will be questions based on the personal introduction, read aloud, repeat sentences, describe image, Re-tell lecture, answer the short question, summarize the written text and essay. For the essay writing part, the aspirant will be provided with 20 minutes to complete it according to the mentioned word limit.


The reading section is part 2 of the PTE test in which the reading skills of the candidate is evaluated on the basis of different questions. There is a combination of distinct questions in the given test, which majorly covers multiple choice questions in single and multiple answer, fill in the blanks and re-order paragraphs. The information will be provided to the aspirant on the basis of which he/she has to read and write in the English language accurately. Therefore, not just the reading skills but writing skills are equivalently evaluated.


Listening is part 3 in which the questions will be asked on the basis of the audio recording or video clips. Once the audio recording or video clips start playing automatically, the aspirant has to listen to it carefully and then have to answer the questions accordingly! The questions that will be asked in the PTE listening test are summarize the spoken test, multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, highlight correct summary, select the missing word, highlight incorrect words and lastly, write from the dictation. Therefore, for PTE preparation, test seeker should have a proper format structure of questions to obtain the desired grade score.


The result of the PTE Academic test is declared within the five working days and it will be announced online. First of all, the candidate will get an official email on their registered email address regarding the result declaration. Secondly, they have to access their Pearson account to check the results. Once the results are announced, then the test seeker can easily choose the university or institution of their choice.

Now coming to the PTE score, t is graded on the scale card of 10 to 90 in which 10 is the lowest score and 90 is the highest. The council authorities of the PTE exam will provide the score grade to the candidate on the basis of their proficiency in reading, speaking, listening and writing, basically a comprehensive English language test.


Preparing for the PTE exam in entirety is a hard shell to crack. Without format, study schedules and planning, one cannot easily attempt the PTE exam along with a desire to obtain a high score! If you are willing to take PTE training, then you can book your free demo session at Seek Academy. Seek Academy is one of the prominent and best PTE Coaching in Delhi where you will get in touch with the expert and skilled trainers to guide you throughout your PTE exam journey.


Below mentioned are the quick and simple steps to register for PTE Academic online without any hassle:

  • First, visit the website of PTE Academic online.
  • Second, create the Pearson account by adding personal details.
  • Once all the registration process is done, then an email will be received within 48 hours from the Pearson group along with your login information.
  • After that, you have to finalize the test centre nearby your place along with a suitable time and date.
  • Then, after selecting the venue, finalizing the date and time, you have to proceed to the check out button and make the payment.

Henceforth, to get the best guidance to accomplish your dreams overseas, let’s just get in touch to make the entire process easier?