IELTS can be very challenging for students who are weak in English so it is recommended to practice English or join some IELTS coaching institute. Only then you can realize your improvements and work hard to be even better. It is not possible to practice on your own. Always take help of a good mentor.

Students looking for IELTS Coaching center can join SEEK ACADEMY. We have 8 + years of experience in providing IELTS Coaching classes.


IELTS is taken by students who want to go abroad for study purpose. Universities of different countries have set up their own band which the students require to fulfill. It is difficult for students to achieve the desired band so there are many coaching institutes to help students practice for IELTS.

Students can chose from 2 types of IELTS TEST :


SEEK ACADEMY recommends students to focus on trainers and not the best coaching center .It specifically doesn’t depend on the coaching center and its name and brand but it depends on the expertise and the experience of the trainers that how their students are trained and how do they grasp the knowledge and techniques shared by the trainers.

There are many institutes which know nothing about the training and they hire a few people who train the students and provide them the quality training to make the institutes flourish and mushroom. We had a  conversation with many students those who attended training sessions from the best of the brands in Delhi charging exorbitantly high conducting classes for six days a week but imparted nothing. Eventually they scored only 6 bands though the requirement was 7778.These students wasted their time efforts and money and even wasted their money on attempting the Ielts examination also. Only a few classes are not enough for scoring good bands in Ielts exam .You must get through an assessment and then interact with the trainers in detail to know your weak areas and strengths and start your preparation level as per the guidance of the trainer as only the best trainer can make you to score good bands and advise you the appropriate time to appear for the exam.

There are ample of examples like this which make can help you to understand that right institutes only hire right trainers .Hence try to focus on the experience ,expertise and qualification and positive attitude of the trainers and choose the best IELTS coaching in Delhi. Whenever you go for any consultation try to interact with the trainers as only they will be at the end make it possible for you no one else at the IELTS institute.

Candidates need to appear for many attempts if the right guidance with the right technique is not followed .It wastes a candidates money ,efforts and time .Thus while selecting any guidance don’t only go for the brand names try to focus on the quality teaching which is provided by the quality trainers. Whenever a student scores a trainer always get that out of the world feeling which does not match any other feelings it is about bringing the contentment in someone’s life with this positive change.

It is the teacher/mentor who will guide you specifically with the techniques which fit you.

If you are looking for the best IELTS Coaching center in West Delhi then contact SEEK ACADEMY @ 8588880678


SEEK Academy prepares the candidates for IELTS in just 30 days. Our experience trainers analyse the candidates with psychometric test and start preparing them. The weak area is pointed out and  then focus on improving it. Each students are given personal attention and doubt clearance sessions are arranged for them.

We arrange a Mock Test for the students on weekly basis where the students can practice and learn from their mistakes.


The total package offered by SEEK ACADEMY completely depends on the grasping power of the student. We assess the student based on his skills and then suggest him to take our 1 or 2 months package. There are many institutes claiming to be best so beware and check the TRF of the candidates along with faculty members. Become experts in just a few days by our training and crack the course with ease. We are also associated with BRITISH COUNCIL and IDP for IELTS Exam. For booking your exam and preparing for IELTS course trust SEEK ACADEMY.


Candidates looking forward to score well in the exam should opt for IELTS Coaching. Many times it happens that people who are well versed with this language might feel that this is a simple English test and they would be easily able to score their desired results without doing much efforts then it must be noticed that it is an English test but undoubtedly this test pattern is not very simple and would have to making it easy and facilitating the students would be done by the experts available at the prestigious institutes.

The format understanding is utmost important as it involves the techniques and tips along with the test format which is helpful to sore the desired bands easily. The lack of accurate guidance would certainly help the candidates to score good results else they would be demotivated by the repeated attempts of the exam. It is observed that one must go for IELTS Coaching before taking the test. Joining any institute or academy will help you to understand the technique and tips of IELTS.

Therefore it is highly recommended that candidates must go for IELTS Coaching. You would also get a chance of appearing for mock exams conducted in different academies. 




  1. Free Demo Classes
  2. Highly Trained and Experienced Faculty for IELTS
  3. Small Batches
  4. Individual attention
  5. Regular Mock Tests
  6. Hi-Tech computer Labs
  1. Superior guidance from training to the test
  2. Latest practice material
  3. New Tips and Techniques
  4. Special Batches for Grammar and Spoken English
  5. Personality Development
  6. Flexible Batch Timings




Seek academy offers Ielts coaching for different levels of the candidates.

Ielts coaching  for Lower level :

For students who wish to complete the IELTS test but are a little weak in their communication skills.

Ielts coaching for Higher level :

Students who wish to complete their Ielts test and are a little better in their English communication whether written or verbal.

Our team of expert Ielts trainers will make sure that you are ready to appear in the exam and score your desired bands.


Definitely, it is rightly asked and undoubtedly students can crack Ielts exam without any help from any coaching centre but it depends entirely on the score requirement of the candidate. Students  who are looking to score 6 bands or 6.5 overall then the challenge is acceptable but when we talk about a student whose proficiency in English language is weak then it is highly advisable to seek some professional guidance so that he can score the desired results in first attempt.

There would be certain candidates who require appearing for the general test then their score requirement changes and they need at least 7778. To score this one has to take professional assistance which helps the candidates to score their desired score in first attempt effortlessly. Professional guidance doesn’t only help them to have clarity of the concept of the examination but also develops better understanding of the parameters which trainers are looking for from every candidate’s efficiency of this language .Scoring well in the examination is quite possible and certain with the right guidance and with the help of the expert trainers you could be assured of the desired bands. It is highly recommended that get your English skills assessed and then only decide on the next step. Proceeding with the conscious steps would definitely make your dream destination come true.