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OET Courses

Willing to know about OET Course in Delhi ?

SEEK ACADEMY’s OET Course in Delhi is specially designed to help students improve their skills and achieve their dream project.

OET stands for Occupational English Test, which is specially formulated to assess the skills, knowledge and understanding of the healthcare professionals in the English language. OET is a reliable or credible English language assessment exam that encompasses all the four English language skills including Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

OET was established in the year 1980s with an aim to evaluate the communication skills of the healthcare sector professionals in the English language. It was formulated by the Australian Federal Government, particularly, by Professor Tim McNamara. He’s a professor at the University of Melbourne and also, one of the original developers of the IELTS examination.

After years of inspection, discussion and validation, OET Course has become relevant for the healthcare aspirants. Adding on to your knowledge, now, OET is specifically owned by Cambridge Boxhill English Language Assessment. The collaboration of the university of Cambridge and Box Hill Institute ascertained to provide education for the medical professionals in Australia and overseas. 

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OET examination has all the major healthcare sector professionals that are mentioned below:

  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Dietetics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiography
  • Speech Pathology
  • Veterinary Science
  • Podiatry
  • Pharmacy
  • Optometry
  • Occupational Therapy

For OET Training and preparation, it is essential to understand and examine it closely what are its benefits and most importantly, the format or structure of the OET examination.


  • OET Course is advantageous for healthcare professionals as it endows them with confidence to treat their patients without lacking in communication.
  • To get enrolled into an internationally acknowledged institute, OET is ideally a fair choice for the candidates.
  • If you are looking for the best OET Course in Delhi, then Seek Academy is the best OET Coaching center in Delhi. We help the candidates to get ready for the standards, structure and employment scenario overseas is it in nursing or radiology or any other vocation.


As mentioned above, the OET test format includes four major areas to asses and evaluates the competency level of the candidate in the English language i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening.

  1. Reading (60 Minutes)

The reading section is divided into two parts. Part A is basically the summary task conducted for 15 minutes to assess the candidate’s ability and competency in sourcing the information from multiple texts and summarizing it quickly and precisely. There will be approximately 650 words on a particular topic to complete the meaning and paragraph accurately.

Then, there’s Part B for 45 minutes in which candidates have to appear for the multiple-choice questions once they read the two comprehensive passages. There will be approximately 16 to 20 multiple-choice questions in total that aspirants have to answer within the time frame.

  2. Writing (45 Minutes)

In the OET writing sub-test, there will be questions on the based of the profession whether it’s radiology, physiotherapy, nursing or any other medical profession. Basically, there will be a letter-writing to a patient, health professional or any other staff member that consists of 180 to 200 words approximately. The letter must include every detail regarding the treatment, patient’s case and any other health-related concern.

In this sub-test section, the candidate should be aware of the marking criteria which are completely based on appropriateness of the language, Coherence and cohesion, pronunciation, spelling and lexical resources to score higher.

   3. Speaking (20 Minutes)

Even the speaking OET sub-test is based on the profession and equally depends on the workplace scenario. As it’s a speaking sub-test, then the candidate’s ability to communicate in the English language, specific to the health-related consultation is essential.

There’s a face-to-face conversation or consultation between the candidate (being a practitioner) and the interviewer (being a patient or relative of the patient). In the speaking test, aspirant’s knowledge and understanding will be analysed on the basis of fluency, appropriateness of the language, grammar, expressions and communication skills.

   4. Listening (50 Minutes)

In the listening OET test, there is a subdivision in two parts i.e. Part A and Part B. The part A will be conducted for 20 to 25 minutes. Then again, there will be a health consultation between the patient and a health professional in which the candidate has to listen to the recorded audio. In part B, the candidates’ skills will be assessed or evaluated on the recorded talk or lecture.

Now, in this listening sub-test section, there will be multiple choice questions, short-answer questions, summary completion, sentence completion, word replacement response, matching responses, flow-chart and lecture notes completion.


To apply for the OET exam, you have to visit the official website and afterwards, the venue, test dates and fees will be advised. The applications will be accepted until the closing date on the website. The announcements of the OET test results will be declared online after the 15 business days. Also, the candidates are assessed on the grade scale of A to E, from high to low level of performance in the OET examination


For OET preparation Course and classes in Delhi, it is essential to have a planned schedule to accomplish the desired OET grade. To achieve the desired OET grade score, it’s essential to either go for the OET Coaching. If you are willing to join OET Course in Delhi, then you must get yourself enrolled in Seek Academy.

The OET trainers or educators at Seek Academy are experienced and trained to guide candidates to accomplish higher OET grade score. Seek Academy is one of the remarkable OET Training Institutes in Delhi because of its experienced trainers and their amazing teaching methods.


OET examination is recognized by the healthcare regulatory authorities of Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. Henceforth, whatever the requirements in the healthcare environment are needed, OET council ensures to cover all of them, which is ultimately beneficial for the candidates in their profession further.


Interested students who are looking for OET Coaching in Delhi Tilak Nagar can contact us. We are located nearby to the metro station. Our office is easily accessible by road or by rickshaw. SEEK ACADEMY is a popular Institute for OET having an experience of 8 years. We will help students to develop and learn English as well along with the  course. We have qualified trainers to teach the students for OET course and the students are quite satisfied by us.

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