Developing IELTS Vocabulary

It’s quite challenging for people appearing for ielts exam to apply new vocabulary and to use good vocabulary in the writing tasks. The good news is that enhancing your vocabulary can be taken care of by the best IELTS training Academy in Delhi that is seek Academy in west Delhi and would definitely be an easy task and in particular enjoyable and can be a fun task and can come handy in your day to day conversation even after your exam.

To Begin With and Utilizing

It is a good idea to divide Ielts speaking and writing vocabulary in different categories .some common categories would be like environment and pollution, tourism and travel, home and parents etc.

Using reading and listening as a resource to read good content and utilize the phrases used and the vocabulary used in your writing and speaking activities to make it more effective and presentable. Sometimes writing topics are quite related to reading tasks and developing the habit of reading might be helpful for you to write or use those expressions in your speaking test and would make the language quite impressive and impactful.


Once your vocabulary list is ready you must revise them and try to successfully incorporate these useful words effectively and make your writing and reading in different style .Try to recall the words everyday and memorize them to make the entire difference in your writing and speaking skills entirely .following some of these skills would make it easier for you to incorporate the words in your writing and speaking effortlessly.

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Towering Heights Ambiguous statement
Saleable proposition Maddening Confusion
Flimsy/Lame Excuse Hair-raising question
A good catch Fading sound
Fantastic comeback Unfair means
Familiar sight Conflicting News
Promptly intervened Robust physique
Threatened walkout Elaborate answer
Professional manoeuvre Mutual loyalty
Shattered/ Bleak future Ripe time
Perfect compatibility Battered Opponents
Convincing Personality Piquant incidents
Tremendous guts Delicate Situation
Roaring Business Serious threat
Roaring Success Immaculate Conditions
Nasty Truth Fake encounter
Sordid Tales Intimate relations
Stunning Blow Burning issue
Fatally Wounded Utter Failure
Accomplished Person Cordial Welcome
Persuasive Talks Mercenary Attitude
Soaring profits/ prices Paradoxical Statement
Strategic Implications / Moves In creative proposal / Business
Abrupt answer Embarrassing situation
Lively debate Mounting Pressure
Economics measures Towering Ambitious
Rapid Industrialisation Flickering Light
Unofficial sources Crowded areas
Reliable sources Mammoth size
Astronomical prices Heartfelt felicitations
Staunchly defended Emotional Outburst/rush of emotional
Boldly Accepted/ Opposed Terribly carried away
Exclusively Designed Confidential tune
Vehemently denied Wide and mouthed fellow
Double standards Maternal appearance
Deserving cause Enticing manner
Incessant rain Cowboy look
Flying colours Astute politician
Distasteful digs Provocative statement
Deliriously happy Rash behaviour
Controversial statement Wilful individual
Verbal battle Arbitrary manner
Bitter exchanges Capricious person
Indifferent attitude Pious soul
Impressive looks Eminent personality
Cold shoulder Biased opinion
Seasoned politician Impartial nature
Butter fingers Disdainful attitude
Defensive measures Order around
Adamant behaviours Curt reply
Lust green Fatherly figure
Highly obsessed Softened attitude
Undeterred behaviour Hostile nature
Wayward ways Sympathetic attitude
Flippant behaviour Hardened Behaviour
Wide eyed innocence Mild attitude
Vampish looks/behaviour Carless attitude
Glass stare Elbow room
Stony stare Dainty looks
Prying eyes Dirty looks
Carless whisper Clumsy behaviour
Light hearted banter Perilous mood swings
Affectionate gaze Most sought after
Icy look / cold stare Touching gesture
Hysterical laughter Bewildered look
Churlish behaviour Reported angrily
Embarrassed look Exclaimed gleefully
Marked interest Bewitching looks/smile
Commercial gain True to his type
Highly strung Unpredictable behaviour
Non communicative Presence of mind
Gregarious person Absent minded.