Seek academy is the top and leading IELTS training institute in West Delhi that has already helped thousands of the students and is still guiding many of them who are aspiring to go for study abroad. Seek academy provides IELTS training and study abroad services with the maximum success rate.

Seek Academy assist students for IELTS Preparation with specialized training and coaching. Our IELTS Exam Preparation give students the level of English and test skills they are looking for to appear in the examination and score with the flying colors.




  • There are certain essential steps which one has to follow to score well in the exam and to achieve the targeted scores .There is a lot to know and work upon and people should follow these instructions carefully and proficiently.
  • Analyze yourself; check your level of English .You can approach a professional trainer who can assess your level of English and guide you that how much time it would consume to make you score your desired bands. Rate yourself on a scale of 9 and then set the process for your preparation.
  • Here at seek academy we have analyzed the level of the candidates and could understand that to achieve 6 bands is not difficult but to score above that requires much efforts and focus which one must include in their practice module.
  • Seek a professional guidance and work upon the skills which your trainers tell you to focus more. Taking the professional guidance would definitely make your skills apt so that you can score really well in the examination.

Though most of the candidates believe that they can score their desired bands by practicing at home and without seeking any professional assistance but honestly that would waste your time efforts and energy and won’t make you capable to achieve your desired scores. It is sincerely advisable to take professional help and achieve the scores in first attempt.


IELTS test preparation requires one to be attentive and careful of the parameters which examiners are looking for while assessing your task. Reading skill requires a candidate to be more accurate and follow a particular pace which is required to score your desired results. To score well in reading one must be capable of skimming and scanning which would make you capable enough to locate the answers from the passage quickly and accurately.

When it is about the listening task then you must be familiar with the accent which can be British, American or any other but candidates are expected to understand the answers well and transfer that in the answer sheet. Listening also requires us to follow a particular pace which would help us to be accurate and score perfectly the desired results.

To score well in Ielts writing one must understand the grammar, cohesive devices, lexical resources and the task response which would guarantee success to the candidate. Being ignorant to the parameters might prove lethal for you at this stage. Practice and get your writing assessed by professional trainers who can help you to learn from your errors and overcome your weaknesses.

Speaking skill requires working upon the fluency, pronunciation, lexical resources and grammar .practice speaking skills with a professional who would enable and guide you to attain precision and get your desired scores easily. One must practice different cue cards which could be tentatively asked and would surely provide you the knowledge and idea to speak better and score well.


Ielts is not a very difficult test but certainly a little challenging one. One must prepare with the professional guidance which would definitely save their time money and efforts and they would learn to be on an independent mode .In IELTS exam the skills which are assessed are reading writing speaking and listening .one has to analyze the proficiency of the language they have by that they can prepare a plan which can be followed to prepare the exam and score the desired results.

This exam demands preparation practice and review of your performance on a consistent basis which would certainly make it possible for the client to score well and achieve their desired results soon.

One can practice English grammar too to gain confidence in their skills as writing and speaking skills need perfect grammar and one has to produce frequent error free statements to score their desired bands in the exam.

Language needs time to learn and work upon so one must provide sufficient time to oneself to be proficient enough in the language and make you confident enough to go for your real test.

Eventually, it is observed that ielts test is not very difficult to sore but with consistent reading and practice one can achieve that level of language which is required for attaining good scores.


Our trainers are exceptionally qualified to train students for IELTS Course and know the perfect methodology  with the meaningful ways of imparting training to the candidates using their innovative method of teaching and helping the candidates to score the best results in the given time duration. For IELTS Preparation students initially need to appear for an assessment and then they are informed about their weakness and strengths .This guidance initially leads them to be on the path of success. To score the highest bands in the IELTS exam the student are provided with the tips and techniques in a unique manner which surely makes the candidate to score the best in the IELTS test. Seek academy is India’s best Ielts institute in preparation of standardized IELTS COURSE.


You have Two kinds of test to choose from. IELTS General and IELTS Academic.

The IELTS test contains two modules one is academic and the other is general which is to be decided seeing your individual requirements .General test is more suited to people who are going abroad or employment purpose particularly and academic test is suitable for the one who aspires to go for the education abroad.

Ielts test is conducted at regular intervals which candidates can book and appear for suitable to meet their particular requirement and schedule.


Ielts test is all about proficiency of the language and one must be well accustomed with English language to appear in this exam. The candidates must work upon their language skills so that they can be assured of their command on the language and they can groom their skills up for the desired scores.

English starts with grammar and the grammar skills must be in practice and assessed by a professional help so that you could get much confidence of your writing and speaking skills and don’t make frequent errors and be more clear and precise in your presentation. Grammar provides a lot of confidence which could help you to have better clarity of the concept.

This language is also about the vocabulary that implies the choice of words you make while writing or speaking any content which would mark an impression on the reader and the listener of your language. Verbal communication and written communication are quite different and what you speak that is always idea oriented not the language oriented so one must try to incorporate that language which must include ample of synonyms topic appropriate words and complex sentence structure which helps the examiner to figure out the language skills one carries and this will mark a good impression on the examiner.

Improving vocabulary by reading different articles newspapers and books would certainly help the students to have good command on the language and work to achieve their best scores.


For IELTS Preparation we help students to discover their own potential and work hard to meet the requirements which they have to start their process for study abroad or immigration. Seek Academy provides training for both online and offline module and help the students to get well accustomed with the subject requirement.The practice sessions with detailed doubt session and training methods are conducted 6 days in a week which would help the candidate to grow in their pre existing skills gradually but daily. This training is the amalgamation of the guidance and methodology which enables the candidates to go on an independent mode soon.

The students are instructed to follow the tips and techniques shared by the instructors carefully for IELTS Preparation to score what they are looking for. Every weekend they are provided with the mock test which helps the candidates to analyze their current level and they with their mentor can plan their next week focusing on their weak areas more.

Although 20 practice tests for each module would be sufficient for scoring the desired bands for IELTS Course but here at Seek Academy we provide ample of resources to practice with unlimited guidance and training sessions which would surely help the candidates to score their desired bands in the exam. Altogether 8 mock tests are conducted to help the candidate to know about the points they must focus upon.

The IELTS Course both general and academic are tailor made depending on the individuals score requirements and if the requirement is in particular skill then more and more sessions are provided for that skill and training is highly focused on these skills to make a candidate cover his weak areas.

Weekly doubt sessions and expert help guidance session is provided in grammar and vocabulary to make the candidates well aware of the vocabulary for IELTS STUDY which would surely help them to score the best results within the defined and decided time period.

Our online IELTS sessions are equally productive and impressive for the best takers who do not have enough time to attend the offline training sessions.


Seek Academy is a proud and valued partner of BRITISH COUNCIL and IDP and PEARSON and helps the candidates  by providing the quality education by imparting the meaningful training and guidance with the help of authentic material and sufficient resources of the vocabulary which would help the candidate to score really well in the IELTS test. Our IELTS Preparation techniques help the candidates to score 8 + bands in the examination .Our training features are as follows;

The group size of students which is offered for ILETS Classes and Study is quite limited which helps the students and the trainers to focus more and pay individual attention on the doubts of the candidates. Our students’ standard number in a group is not more than 5.

For IELTS STUDY, Seek academy conducts weekly guidance sessions on grammar and vocabulary which help the candidates to score well in their actual exam.

The counselors at seek academy help the students to chose the right university and course abroad to make their future bright.

Our trainers are highly qualified and have vast experience which always helps for IELTS STUDY to score their desired bands.

Weekly mock tests and authentic study material help the students for IELTS PREPARATION to achieve their desired bands effortlessly.

The intensive study material helps the candidates to practice and score well in their ielts test and get there dream destination true.

It is often observed that most test takers face a huge challenge in the writing section and our unique tips and tricks help to score 7 or 8 bands.



If you are an IELTS Aspirant, these tips will help you crack the exam in one go.

Understand the test format.

Before appearing for the ielts test it is mandatory for any candidate to know the format of the examination clearly so that they can prepare on those guidelines and understand the parameters on which the skills like reading, listening, writing and speaking are based.

A candidate has to prove his proficiency of the language skills so that they don’t find the challenges in reading listening writing or speaking of this language once they move abroad.

Practice as much as possible.

One must practice ample of tests for reading writing listening and speaking so that they can score what they are looking for in the examination. In order to score well in your listening you must enhance your accent understanding skills and the management of pace must be done appropriately .To practice reading you must be well familiar with the question types and work upon the techniques to find the answers. Speaking skills also needs to be worked upon to score maximum in that .Fluency has to be attained only if you practice regularly.

Don’t write much

When we talk about writing task whether it is about academic or general the candidate has to keep a check of the word length they are maintaining. It must not be very lengthy or very short .writing too much can be full of errors which could be harmful for the candidate to score well and there are chances of compromising with the relevancy too.