Intermediate Course

Course Duration

40 Hrs (5days a week)
20 hrs (theoretical sessions)
20 hrs (practical sessions)
02 hrs of final evaluation
Free every Saturday

Grammar brush – up

Tenses refresher
Passive voice
Voice / Narration
Creative and critical thinking

Paragraph writing
Informal / Formal Letters
Thought Development
Vocabulary Treasure

Remembering Vocabulary
Learn by Doing
Uncommon Word

Verbal Sessions

Extempore, Storytelling
ROS( Rate of speech)
Pronunciation speech drills
Grooming Sessions

Table Manners
Positive Attitude
Focus and concentration
Gestures and Mannerism

Bifurcation of 20 Theoretical Classes :

Day 1: 

Orientation session with briefing of grammar. Topics to be covered with detailed explanation of importance of each topic in speaking.

Day 2

Parts of speech: Explained by trainers in details like, Articles, Modals, Adjective, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunction, Noun, Pronoun, Interjection with Explanation of its significance in Language and Sentence structure.

Day 3

Introduction of tenses: Present Indefinite, past indefinite, Future Indefinite.

Practice exercisesHome Task

Day 4

Speaking Session to practice Tenses already covered

Day 5

Speaking and Vocabulary Session to boost confidence in written and verbal communication to practice grammar and vocabulary already taught.

Day 6

Tenses ContinuousPresent, Past, Future.

Vocabulary: Topic Appropriate words.

Day 7 :


Perfect and Perfect Continuums

Day 8

Vocabulary: Adjectives and adverbs list and topic appropriate placement. Activity based on this vocabulary.

Day 9: 

Modals Can, could, would, should, must, may, might, used to, ought to, need,

Practice exercise – Home Task.

Day 10

Active – Passive Voice

Speaking practice of the same.

Day 11

Speaking session and vocabulary practice (Extempore).

Day 12:

Narration (Exercise for home task.)

Day 13: 

Speaking Group Discussion sessions.

Day 14: 

Speaking – Making advertisements (group Activity).

Day 15:

Speaking and vocabulary guidance

Activity name: Tour Guide

Vocabulary: Tour and places.

Day 16:

Public speaking sessions / speaking activity – (Frequency surveys)

Group activity To practice tenses and adjectives and adverbs.

Day 17:

Debate / Speaking – Group Discussion session. (Have your favourite activity).

Day 18 :

Role Play (Speaking Session). Vocabulary and Speaking – things we read.

Day 19 :

Understanding pronunciation and rate of speech. Activity for home preparation: One day in London (pair activity)

Vocabulary discussion on the same activity to ease out the thought process.

Day 20 :

Speaking session detailed feedback of each student with discussion of area of improvement / Vocabulary test.

Day 21 :

Grooming Sessions: Table manner and accurate body language.

Day 22 :

Grooming session continued:

Positive attitude: 1. Documentation of attraction  3.Software for success.

Day 23 :

Speaking: Free Speech session.

Day 24 :

Vocabulary session: Synonyms, Adjective

Day 25 :

Vocabulary Session continued: Synonyms, adjective

Day 26 :

Speaking sessions: Adjective practice in speaking session.

Day 27 :

Personality development session:

Sessions to enhance personality

  • How to be a good conversation list?
  • What to include and avoid in your conversation?
  • Powerful dressing.

Day 28 :

Table Manners / Gesture and mannerism

Day 29 :

Learning time management skill.

Day 30 :

Stress management and expression of feelings and dealing with difficult people.

Day 31 :

Speaking Activity (Story behind a photo)

Day 32 :

Activity – Speaking (keep talking)

Day 33 :

List of vocabulary of often confusing words.

Day 34 :

Abstract topics for discussion

Day 35 :

Vocabulary test

Day 36 :

presentation assessment

Day 37 :

Extempore – Exam

Day 38 :

Role plays / Debate session

Day 39 :

Informal / formal writing difference

Day 40 :

Thought development technique for future.