IELTS academic reading 2

IELTS academic reading 2

Welcome to your IELTS academic reading 2

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6. Searching for something particular may prevent people from feeling their life is completely…………………

7. Stamp collecting may be………………. Because it provides fact about different countries.

Questions 9 to 13
Do the following statements agrees with the information give the passage
True if the statement agrees the information
False if the statement contradicts the information
Not given If there is no information on this

9. The number of people buying dolls has grown over the centuries

10. Sixteenth century European dolls were normally made of wax

11. Arranging a stamp collection by the size of the stamps is less common than other methods

12. Someone who collects unusual objects may want others to think he or she is also unusual

13. Collecting gives a feeling that other hobbies are unlikely to inspire